20 Fabulous Themes & Ideas For Events in Dubai

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You’ve taken the call from the client; the date is agreed; the venue booked – and now you need the theme to tie everything together, ensuring that this event remains in the minds of the guests, long after the music and dancing has stopped.

Event themes create coherence, atmosphere, and a natural structure.  It also gives guests permission to really become involved on the day, whilst helping to generate some enthusiasm and buzz beforehand.

But as we all know, success results from meticulous planning and thoughtful execution. However, picking a theme that has the right tone and is appropriate for your event or venue can be a challenge.

Don’t panic: these 20 event ideas can be put together to make an unforgettable night for your guests. Be brave and run with an original idea and try novel ways of tying a theme to your event.

For even more ideas you can take a look at other examples of unique events for further inspiration.

  1. Frozen Kingdom Theme

Frozen Kingdom Event Idea

With the popularity of the recent Disney film Frozen, many guests will be familiar with visual references  and therefore able to embrace this theme. A frozen kingdom theme is similar to a winter wonderland but it’s not tied to the winter months and it can make room for more fantastical elements and elaborate ice sculptures. Guests will be amazed at the slowly-melting decorations and a few simple lights can go a long way here

  1. Grease Theme

Grease Event Idea Grease Event Idea

Grease is allegedly the most watched film of all time, and its 1950s musical setting makes the perfect backdrop for a lively party or event. Think vintage diners, Cadillac convertibles, jukeboxes, and a dangerous amount of pomade.

  1. Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly sweater parties have been gaining in popularity recently. Guests adorn the ugliest jumper or shirt they can find and creating great conversation starters. You can take this theme into your event style with knowingly garish table design and delightfully twee decorations. Colour blocking, cats, and thick-knit fabrics are a must – along with effective Air Conditioning!

  1. Star Wars Theme

Star Wars Theme Event Idea

Star Wars is beloved the world over and adults and children alike will be enthusiastic about seeing their favourite characters and settings brought to life. Neon lights, spaceship interiors, and backdrops of the galaxy will fit in well here.

  1. Psychedelic Theme

Star Wars Theme Event Idea

A psychedelic themed party is an opportunity to get really creative and wild with your decorations. Colour and lighting are very important with neon swirls and waves of bold colours surrounding your guests. This is a good choice if you are looking for something different.

  1. Anime Mania Theme

Anime Mania Theme Event Idea

Whether it’s via anime, manga, or cosplay, this fun Japanese cartoon culture has an enormous fan base. For the right crowd, it’s the ideal theme and it allows you to use a mix of traditional Japanese style with adorable characters.

  1. Pool Party Theme

Pool Party Theme Event Idea

Pool parties are perfect for the heat of the Dubai evenings around the hotel  or villa pools, but it’s a theme you can use both indoor and outdoor. When planning a pool-themed party, think lots of inflatable objects, water features, tile decorations, and a fully stocked cocktail bar.

  1. Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Theme

Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Theme Event Idea

Life after the apocalypse is a familiar scene in pop culture, whether it’s escaping zombie hordes in the Walking Dead or battling for survival on the Planet of the Apes. This is a very creative theme that is perfectly suited for millennial audiences - check out Table Art’s take on the popular video game Fallout 3 below:

Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Theme Event Idea

  1. Yacht/Boat party Theme

Yacht and Boat party Theme Event Idea

With the number of boats available for hire, Dubai provides many options for leaving terra firma and enjoying a celebration on the water. For decorations, you can simply adorn the rails with balloons that will provide movement, with some carefully positioned nets, crates and shells.

  1. Sports Ball Theme

Sports Theme Theme Event Idea

Whether it is basketball, rugby, football, tennis or golf – sports make for a solid theme choice. You can base the colour scheme on any featured teams and there is an obvious angle to take with decorations and centrepieces.

  1. Arabian Nights Theme

The ‘Arabian Nights’ are a collection of Middle Eastern folk stories and it is the original source of the characters Aladdin, Sinbad, and Alibaba. You can style your event in traditional Bedouin tent style with draped ceilings, low-lying tables, marvelous rugs, and warming lanterns.

  1. Red, White, Green & Black Theme

Arabian Nights Theme Event Idea

Arabian Nights Theme Event Idea

Based upon the colours of the UAE flag, choosing a simple colour theme is a good way to make a bold statement. You can make designs that really stand out and it’s a relatively simple theme to implement. The idea is to have all of your furnishings in red, white, green & black, with lots of flags to reinforce the theme.

  1. Glam Rock Theme

Glam Rock Theme Event Idea

A glam rock party is an 80s-themed party taken to the extreme. You want an atmosphere that says big hair, spandex, and harsh coloured lighting inspired by musicians such as David Bowie and Alice Cooper. This is a good theme if you want to use fog machines and intense lighting arrangements.

  1. Masquerade Ball Theme

Masquerade Ball Theme Event Idea

Masquerade Ball Theme Event Idea

Masquerade Balls are famed for their opulence and are an excellent choice if you want a regal feel to your events. Traditional balls take their inspiration from Venetian and Italian design with chandeliers, balconies, and deep red and white colours.

  1. Circus Theme

Circus Theme Event Idea

Circus Theme Event Idea

The circus is always a popular theme for events and parties aimed at all ages. When people think of circuses, they tend to think of those popularised by PT Barnum. This includes candy stripe tents and many elements of a travelling carnival. One of the big advantages of a circus-themed event is that it will fit well with many types of entertainment.

  1. Bollywood Theme

Bollywood Party Theme Ideas

A Bollywood event allows you to celebrate the Indian culture and its contribution to Dubai, by bringing all the excitement of a Bollywood musical. You can use bright primary colours, drapes and sequined patterns, to create an energetic event that will get people on their feet.

  1. Luau Theme

A luau is a Hawaiian-style beach party which creates a relaxed and open type of event. Tiki patterns, bamboo, flower chains, and palm leaves are all staples of a Luau themed party. A prominent Tiki bar is essential along with streamers and straw skirting.

  1. Wild West Theme

Wild West Theme Event Idea

The Wild West is a classic theme of parties and pop culture. There are many icons you can include such as an old saloon, poker tables, desert landscapes, cactuses, and giant wagon wheels. The Wild West is an excellent theme if you are also using an outdoor space as a few hay bales and some bunting can quickly transform it.

  1. Back To School Theme

A back to school theme makes for a playful event which will really get guests involved as they take a trip down memory lane. You can choose to do it in the style of a school disco or go for a total transformation into a classroom with chalkboards, wooden desks, and decorations from your school years.

  1. Ancient Egypt Theme

Ancient Egypt Theme Event Idea

An Ancient Egyptian theme gives you true license to transform a venue into a pharaoh’s palace. Expect to use a lot of gold decorations, as well as sphinxes, columns, palm leaves, and hieroglyphics. This is a good theme if you are going to be hosting an event with indoor and outdoor space.