Brightest isn’t always the best.

How many times have you sat at your table at an event and wished you had brought your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of a spotlight that is shinning directly into your eyes? You’ve spent time considering what you are going to wear; the image you want to present – and then spend most of the night with you hand shielding your eyes, squinting into the face of the person next to you trying to concentrate on what they are saying, wishing that someone would turn that stupid light off and let you enjoy the evening. Or, equally as bad, as many have witnessed; the over exuberance of overhead lights causing ghastly “colour washing “ at events which literally destroys the event dynamics and leaving skin colours looking pasty and unattractive. Certainly not conducive to a memorable event!

Sounds familiar?

Lighting is one of the key contributors to mood. Get it wrong and that event will be remembered for the wrong reasons in the mind of your guests. So many AV companies spend hours erecting rigging to support huge numbers of spotlights and moving heads to swamp the area with light that becomes overwhelming. Thereafter; in order to justify their inclusion, the lighting operator proceeds to showcase his technical virtuosity by using assorted intense blues, greens, pinks and reds that make the job of the photographers and videographers all the more challenging.

As the saying goes….’less is more’.

With illuminated table arts the magic is happening at table level; the less complicated and overwhelming the ambient lighting, the greater the appreciation by guests. No more bright lights producing watering eyes and running mascara; no more strange, unnatural hues that prevent quality photography. Instead… let’s produce gentle, subtle, sympathetic shades that enhance rather than jar, enriching the mood and ensuring that guests leave having enjoyed a positive experience.

So come on lighting gurus….save your budget by using fewer spotlights and let Table Art help to soften the light and enhance the guest experience. We’ll all thank you in the long run!