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Why your event needs Lit Table Centres

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

led table centrepieces
LED table centrepieces for corporate events and parties

Lit table centres are the perfect way to may your event one to remember. Everyone wants their event to be the best and the one everyone talks about. And it’s easier than you think.

In this blog we cover some of the reasons lit table centres will make your event stand out.

1. Create a Fantastic First Impression

Table Art lit table centres create an instant impression as your guests walk through the door. Whether you have 10 lit centrepieces or 100, the effect across the room is stunning. Lit in the colour of your choice, you can instantly convey your event colour theme. Or with DMX Radio control, create amazing effects across the room.

Your venue will literally look like it has come to life!

table centre hire
Lit table centres to hire in Dubai and the UAE

2. Cost-Effective

Large props, screens, stage sets etc can also mean large costs! Whilst you still may need some of these, lit table centres can create a huge impact at a fraction of the cost. If you are trying to portray a message or logo, lit centrepieces are perfect. Placed right in front of guests’ eyes for most of the evening, your guests will certainly notice them.

Consider lit centrepieces before your other props. You will probably find you don’t need many additional items and lighting, saving you a fortune.

crystal table centres
Table centrepieces to hire made from crystals

3. Customise Your Event

Lit Table Centres are an easy and effective way to capture the mood of your event. By adding a small amount of customisation to your lit centrepiece, you can change the mood. We can add your message or logo to the light base making your centrepiece unique. This is an ideal branding opportunity as your guests will be looking straight at it over dinner.

Candelabra LED centrepieces to hire for events in Dubai

4. Get your Guests Talking

To get your event going with a swing, you need to get guests chatting. A stand-out lit table centre gives guests the perfect ice-breaker. As soon as diners sit down, a unique and stunning centrepiece is the perfect talking point. Especially if you include DMX radio control. A ripple across the room, flashing in unison or selecting a winning table at an awards ceremony. All these different effects will certainly get your guests talking.

Dubai table centre hire
Table centrepieces powered by LED lights to hire in Dubai

5. Create a Social Media Buzz

Everyone loves a selfie. And what better background than a stunning lit table centre. Social Media is full of photos of people enjoying themselves as social events. With a lit centrepiece in the photo, it makes the perfect picture. It can also increase your branding awareness.

gala dinner centrepieces
Gala Dinner centrepieces to hire from Table Art UAE

Conclusion: Let Table Art Help You Make Your Event Stand Out

Table Art can help you make your event special from start to finish. As event décor specialists, we can help you choose your lit table centre. Then we will deliver, set up and remove them at the end of your event. With our professional attitude and philosophy, everything will be simple from conception to conclusion.

Let Table Art Dubai help you to make your event the one everyone talks about. Contact us now for your next event.

uae centrepieces hire
Table Art DMX centrepieces to hire in the UAE and across the Middle East

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